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Pinot Project Lipbalm

(Box)Beautypack 350g
30 x 65cm

Grape peels are a rich natural source of antioxidants.
This lip balm was created using leftover grape peels from the
winemaking process. Abundant in natural antioxidants,
this lip balm helps moisturize lips and maintains their healthy condition.



KHEE Soju Package
KHEE Fragrance Package
KHEE Holiday Package

Laminated, Cardboard Paper
(dbb1 200g / no.205 Black)
Shopping Bag(Aliking 215g)
White Foil, Gold Foil

Various sizes

KHEE is a pure, distilled liquor made from the finest rice
and natural rock water sourced from 150 meters below ground.
This soju is a collaboration with Company Hwayo.
The package was designed to be sturdy due to the weight of the bottle. To ensure its durability and strength, a material about 2 to 3mm thick was used, providing ample protection for the heavy item inside.

  Model Lee Jung-Jae


Tussock Jumper

(Stand)fomex 5t 
52 x 43cm

Tussock Jumper is a wine brand known for its global selection of wines sourced from different renowned wine regions worldwide. They're recognized for their unique approach, featuring a collection that represents various countries and terroirs, showcasing the diversity of wine styles.

Each wine in the Tussock Jumper range is associated with a specific animal character, adding a whimsical touch to their branding. For example, their labels might feature a kangaroo for an Australian Shiraz or a llama for an Argentine Malbec, which helps consumers associate the wine with its country of origin in a fun way.

This brand's concept is about exploring the world of wine through its diverse offerings, allowing consumers to experience different flavors and styles representative of various wine regions globally.


Christmas Theme POSM


Animal stands made with fomax.

Floor decorate with artificial grass.


Villa Jolanda Wine Bottle Package

32 x 9cm

Villa Jolanda is a renowned winery from Italy.
Cherished by connoisseurs for its rich aromas and profound flavors, it stands as a hallmark of excellence.
The red color of this wine's packaging symbolize the
wine's robust taste and uniqueness.
Its sophisticated desig and striking colors accentuate the wine's quality, making it shine on special occasions.


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