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Awata & Co.

Landscape A4, Brochure   

Awata&Co is our company's specialized brand for premium water imports.
We search worldwide for the finest water sourced from exceptional natural environments.
Always striving to offer the highest quality water, our aim is to positively impact customers' lifestyles and health.



Dinner Events
in Hotels

Visual Display

When the winery representative visits Korea, we host a dinner event.
We create relevant print materials for this occasion and showcase the wines prominently.
This event emphasizes the winery’s charm and offers an opportunity to
enjoy exquisite food paired with exceptional wines.

The print materials introduce details about the event and share the winery’s story,
while the display highlights the various types and characteristics of the wines.
Through this, the winery delivers a unique experience and communicates
the beauty of the winery and the allure of its wines to wine enthusiasts.


▴ Cuentaviñas wine list

▴ Stone Pattern Wrapping Paper

Cuentaviñas Los Yelsones use natural material packaging to appeal to their eco-friendly image.



Landscape A4, Brand Book  

The winery of the Eguren family, renowned for its wines in the La Rioja region, is known for its environmentally friendly methods of cultivating grapes and producing wine. These wineries prioritize sustainability and ecological responsibility, focusing on preserving and safeguarding the natural ecosystem. They operate in harmony with the rhythms of nature and the changing seasons, employing eco-friendly methods to maintain and protect the vineyards.

This brochure was designed in black and white tones to emphasize
the esteemed reputation and tradition of the ancient Spanish winery.
The monochromatic color palette highlights the historical significance and deep roots of the winery over many years, accentuating its sophistication and classical ambiance.


Finca Bacara

Landscape A4, Play Book

Finca Bacara Winery is a Spanish winery known for producing
high-quality wines in the Jumilla region of southeastern Spain.
What sets Finca Bacara apart is not just their winemaking
techniques but also their distinctive and eye-catching wine labels.
They often feature colorful and artistic illustrations,
making their bottles stand out on the shelves and attracting attention from wine enthusiasts. 

︎Finca Bacara Wines


I created a children's coloring book
using these illustrations to promote Family Month sales.
It includes content such as coloring activities, crosswords
and connect-the-dots game.



Magazine / Brochure / SNS

La Main Mag.

The fine dining specialized magazine, La main, dedicates each monthly issue to unraveling the story behind a specific food item.
It explores the history, cultural significance, diverse global cooking methods, recipes, interesting news about its ingredients, and introduces wines, beverages, and complementary food items that pair well with that particular dish.
Additionally, it undertakes commissioned projects from major corporations to create printed materials related to food.


/ SNS Card News /

/ Brochure /

Outsourcing work received from Staub.
A bunch of leaflets introducing pot and cooking recipes using a pot.

Outsourced project with Bibigo.
CJ Bibigo Dumpling pop-up event in Itaewon

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